Minecraft – Where Creative Freedom Meets Online Fun

pc15While other video games released in the market will test military and strategic skills, some game designers and publishers take a different route in providing gaming options to enthusiasts. Markus Peterson, a Swedish programmer, together with Mojang made a bold move by introducing a fresh take on video gaming, this time focusing on the creative potential of the players. The result was development and release of Minecraft, one of the most popular and highly awarded video games to date.

Tap into Your Creativity When Playing Minecraft

Released in 2011, this game received widespread attention not just for its unique gameplay, but also the amount of creativity and latitude that are given to players. Some players initially considered the game as dull and boring due to the use of giant blocks, but once these blocks are utilized, the game starts to show off its best assets.

The game is all about adventure, where players have to play in maps at least twice. It is also an excellent way to show off your creativity, in the same manner that the game SimCity has managed to give players the opportunity to tap into their creativity. The map in Minecraft can be explored, cut down, dig up and reconstructed depending on where your imagination takes you. In Minecraft, you are not just a player – you also become a builder and an architect.

Know Your Game Modes

pc16There are different game modes available in the game, and new players will have to make a choice before starting the adventure. The six game modes available in Minecraft are the following:

  • Creative: This is recommended for the creative type who wants to explore the world of Minecraft through design and craft. In the creative mode each player is blessed with unlimited resources, without having to worry about in-game threats.
  • Survival: Compared to the creative mode, this world provides limited resources, and there are threats from enemies that spawn and thrive in the dark. This game mode is the most popular among Minecraft players and enthusiasts.
  • Hard-core: If survival is not enough, the player can select hard-core. Say goodbye to the map once you ‘die’ in the game.
  • Adventure: This is a recent addition to the game modes of Minecraft.
  • Spectator Mode: If you just want to explore the Minecraft world, then this mode is the best way to play. Once you choose this mode, you can explore and watch gameplay without interaction. The hotbar acts as a ‘menu’ that allows the player to move into other players’ worlds and see how they play.
  • Multiplayer: This can be hosted on a server where some players can play and interact in the same world. Enthusiasts can run their personal servers, or coordinate with a hosting provider.

Other Tricks to Keep in Mind When Playing Minecraft

Before you jump into the Minecraft world, it pays to understand a few strategies and tricks like crafting and constructing. Crafting is a critical skill in the game, where you take a few raw ingredients and transform these into Minecraft items. Once you are familiar with crafting, then you can take it a step further with building construction. This is where your creativity can come into the picture and can help you strengthen your presence in the Minecraft world.